• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 39 (2009)


    1 Strange Weather: Art, Politics, and Climate Change at the Court of Northern Song Emperor Huizong
    Huiping Pang
    43 Making Moral Decisions: Zhu Xi’s ‘Outline and Details of the Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government’
    Tsong-han Lee
    85 An Anomaly in Classical Chinese Drama: ‘Loyal and Righteous Yu Rang Swallows Charcoal’
    Hongchu Fu

    Loyal and Righteous Yu Rang Swallows Charcoal, A Play in Four Acts by Yang Zi

    State of the Field Reports

    141 Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2008)
    Hirata Shigeki, ed.
    141 Part I: Updates on Song History Studies in Japan: Local Gazetteers and Stone Inscriptions
    Sue Takashi
    159 Part II: Bibliography of Song Historical Studies in Japan (2008)
    Yamaguchi Tomoya
    173 Bibliography of English Language Sources, 1996 – 2002 : Five Dynasties, Liao, Song, Xi Xia, Jin, and Yuan
    Michael C. McGrath


    217 Grand Canal, Great River: The Travel Diary of a Twelfth-Century Poet, Translated with a commentary by Philip Watson
    James M. Hargett
    229 Competition over Content: Negotiating Standards for the Civil Service Examinations in Imperial China (1127-1279), by Hilde De Weerdt
    Yongguang Hu 胡永光
    237 Dragons of Silk, Flowers of Gold: A Group of Liao-Dynasty Textiles at the Abegg-Stiftung, ed. by Regula Schorta
    François Louis
    243 Ritendiskussionen am Hof der nördlichen Song-Dynastie (1034–1093): Zwischen Ritengelehrsamkeit, Machtkampf und intellektuellen Bewegungen, by Christian Meyer
    Kai Marchal
    246 Amid the Clouds and Mist: China’s Colonization of Guizhou, 1200–1700, by John E. Herman
    Ruth Mostern
    252 Ji’an Literati and the Local in Song-Yuan-Ming China, by Anne Gerritsen
    Motoshi Oka 岡元司
    258 Subjects and Masters: Uyghurs in the Mongol Empire, by Michael Brose
    Nicolas Tackett
    261 The Problem of Beauty: Aesthetic Thought and Pursuits in Northern Song Dynasty China, by Ronald Egan
    Wang Yugen
    271 The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci, by Tracy Miller
    Ankeney Weitz

    News and Notes

    277 PThe Digital Gazetteer of Song Dynasty China, Version 1.0
    Ruth Mostern