• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 36 (2006)


    1 Literati Culture and the Relationship Between Huizong and Cai Jing
    Patricia Ebrey
    25 Getting the Words Right: Speech, Vernacular Language, and Classical Language in Song Neo-Confucian "Records of Words."
    Robert Hymes
    57 Something Rotten in the State of Song: The Frustrated Loyalty of the Generals of the Yang Family
    Wilt L. Idema
    79 Re-examining the Authenticity of Song Paper Money Specimens
    Richard von Glahn

    Research Report

    107 Zhu Xi and His World
    Charles Hartman

    State of the Field Reports

    133 Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2005)
    Hirata Shigeki, ed.
    133 Part I: Update on Song Studies in Japan

    A. Updates on the Qingming ji and the Study of Song History in Japan
    Ogawa Yoshiyuki

    B. Topics and Results of the Studies of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period during the past 25 years
    Yamazaki Satoshi
    145 Part II: Bibliography of Song Studies in Japan (2005)
    Compiled by Anazawa Shoko


    189 Fiscalité, comptes publics et politiques financières dans la Chine des Song. Le chapitre 179 du Songshi, by Christian Lamouroux
    William N. Goetzmann
    198 The Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Material Culture, by John Kieschnick
    Richard von Glahn
    203 From War to Diplomatic Parity in Eleventh-Century China: Sung's Foreign Relations with Kitan Liao, by David Curtis Wright
    Paul Jakov Smith
    207 Politics and Conservatism in Northern Song China: The Career and Thought of Sima Guang (A.D. 1019-1086), by Xiao-bin Ji
    Ari Levine
    208 The Yijing and Chinese Politics: Classical Commentary and Literati Activism in the Northern Song Period, 960-1127, by Tze-ki Hon
    Kidder Smith

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