• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 34 (2004)


    1 Fragments from Constructing a History of Southern Tang Painting
    De-nin D. Lee
    41 "Analogical Extension" (leitui) in Zhu Xi's Methodology of "Investigation of Things" (gewu) and "Extension of Knowledge" (zhizhi)
    Yung Sik Kim

    Research Report

    59 On the problem of contextualizing ideas: reflections on Yu Yingshi's approach to the study of Song Daoxue
    Peter K. Bol
    81 Material Ambiguity and the Hermetic Text: Cities, Tombs, and Middle-Period History
    Christian de Pee
    95 A Note on Legal Expertise in Song China
    Brian McKnight

    State of the Field Reports

    99 Some Current Activities in Song Studies at Peking University's Center for Studies of Ancient Chinese History
    Hoyt Cleveland Tillman


    109 Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2003)
    Hirata Shigeki, editor
    109 Part One: Updates on Song History Studies in Japan
    109 1. The Present State of Themes of Research in Japan into Song Dynasty Clans
    Endo Takatoshi
    121 2. A Historiography of Japanese Scholarship on Song Painting, 1980 to the Present
    Itakura Masa'aki
    139 Part Two: Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2003)
    Hagino Yu and Ueuchi Kenji


    159 Way and Byway: Taoism, Local Religion, and Models of Divinity in Sung and Modern China,by Robert Hymes
    Paul R. Katz
    170 Printing for Profit: The Commercial Publishers of Jianyang, Fujian (11th-17th centuries), by Lucille Chia
    Barend ter Haar
    182 Summit of Treasures: Buddhsit Cave Art of Dazu, China,by Angela Falco Howard
    Angela Sheng
    190 Women, Property, and Confucian Reaction in Sung and Yuan China (960-1368), by Bettine Birge; "Did the Mongols Matter? Territory, Poer, and the Intelligensia in China from the Northern Sung to the Early Ming," By John Dardess; "Fear of Gynarchy in an Age of Chaos: Kong Qi's Reflections on Life in Southern China Under Mongol Rule," by Paul J. Smith
    Jia-Chen Fu

    News and Notes

    199 Dissertation Abstracts
    201 Further Notes on Books Received