• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 33 (2003)


    1 A Reconsideration of Liu Yong and his 'Vulgar' Lyrics
    Lap Lam
    49 Military families and the Southern Song court--the Lü case
    Cheng-Hua Fang
    71 Shaping Symbols of Privilege: Precious Metals and the Early Liao Aristocracy
    François Louis
    111 Courtesans, Lovers, and Gold Thread Pond in Guan Hanqing's Music Dramas (A translation, with introduction, of Guan Hanqing's "Gold Thread Pond")
    Dale R. Johnson
    155 Unraveling the Mystery of the Handscroll Qingming shanghe tu
    Tsao Hsingyuan

    Research Report

    181 A Thirteenth-Century Cult in the Villages of Ji'an (Jiangxi), or 'Fieldwork for Historians'
    Anne Gerritsen


    187 Survey of the Historical Sources for the Five Dynasties and Ten States in Song Times
    Johannes L. Kurz
    225 Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2002)
    Hirata Shigeki, ed.
    234 Part I: Updates on Song History Studies in Japan: The History of Japan-Song Relations
    Enomoto Wataru

    Part II: Yamaguchi Tomoya, Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2002)
    Hagino Yu

    News and Notes

    251 Announcements, Dissertation Abstracts