• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 31 (2001)


    1 The Rise and Regency of Empress Liu (969-1033)
    John Chaffee
    27 Defensive Structures and Construction Materials in Song City Walls
    Huang Kuan-Chung
    Translated by Wen-yi Chen, Peter Lorge, and Tracy G. Miller
    67 An Inquiry into the Xianyou Cai: Cai Xiang, Cai Que, Cai Jing, and the Politics of Kinship
    Hugh R. Clark
    103 Whither the Emperor? Emperor Huizong, the New Policies, and the Tang-Song Transition
    Peter Bol
    135 The Qing ming shang he tu by Zhang Zeduan and its relation to Northern Song Society - Light and Shadow in the Painting -
    Ihara Hiroshi
    Translated by Yoshida Mayumi


    157 Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan
    Part I: Updates on Song History Studies in Japan
    Ihara Hiroshi, Hirata Shigeki, Endō Takatoshi, Oka Motoshi, Sue Takashi, Asami Yōji, Ichiki Tsuyuhiko, Kojima Tsuyoshi

    Part II: Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (1982-2000)
    Katō Masaru, Fukui Nobuaki, Yasuda Junya, Yamaguchi Tomoya

    Book Reviews

    315 Academies and Society in Southern Song China, by Linda A. Walton
    (Peter Bol)
    319 The Natural Philosophy of Chu Hsi: 1130-1200, by Yung Sik Kim
    (Charlotte Furth)
    325 Painting and Private Life in Eleventh-Century China: Mountain Villa by Li Gongli, by Robert F. Harrist, Jr.
    (Michael Fuller)
    332 Poetry and Painting in Song China: The Subtle Art of Dissent, by Alfreda Murck Jr.
    (Julia K. Murray)

    News and Notes

    339 Dissertation Abstracts, New Publications, Announcements