• Journal of Song Yuan Studies, Volume 29 (1999)


    1 Local Political-Economic Particulars of the Quanzhou Region During the Tenth Century
    Angela Schottenhammer
    43 The Entrance and Exit of the Song Founders
    Peter Lorge
    63 The Cultural Fashioning of Filial Piety: A Reading of "Xiao Zhangtu" (Little Zhang the Butcher)
    Hongchu Fu
    91 Canon Formation and Examination Culture: The Construction of Guwen and Daoxue Traditions
    Hilde de Weerdt

    Research Report

    135 Northern Song Architecture in Southern Shanxi Province
    Tracy G. Miller


    157 A Selected Bibliography of Yuan Painting
    Jung-Im Yuk, editor


    195 Wind Against the Mountain: The Crisis of Politics and Culture in Thirteenth-Century China, by Richard L. Davis
    Peter Lorge
    202 Qaidu and the Rise of the Independent Mongol State in Central Asia, by Michael Biran
    Ellen McGill

    News and Notes 215